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As long-term investors, we are committed to our portfolio companies by providing not only funding but guidance and partnership.


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Carmel, IN

Authenticx provides AI-driven insights from bi-directional customer interaction data at scale

Azra AI
Nashville, TN

Azra AI is an artificial intelligence platform that identifies, classifies, and augments oncology data

Kent, Connecticut

BEKHealth provides clinical trial software for EMR data processing, feasibility and site selection, precision patient trial matching and care coordination

Breakthrough Behavior
Orlando, FL

Breakthrough Behavior is a provider of ABA therapy to patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Click Notices
Annapolis, MD

Click Notices is the leading SaaS provider of delinquency management services to the multifamily industry (acquired)

Durham, NC

Clinetic’s platform provides pharmaceutical companies with real-time access to health system data for Real-world evidence and clinical trial patient recruitment

Miami, FL

Cybexys offers a natural language processing SaaS solution to enhance risk assessment for health plans

Delorean AI
Palm Beach, FL

DeLorean AI provides predictive and interventive artificial intelligence to address business and economic challenges for large fortune 500 companies

Atlanta, GA

HealPros delivers a comprehensive diabetes retinal imaging program

Medcase Health
Boston, MA

Medcase Health is a global marketplace for clinicians and healthcare data

Mountain Temp Services
Aspen, CO

Mountain Temp Services is a full-service staffing and employment agency

Chino Hills, CA

OfficeWorks provides staffing services for healthcare organizations

New York, NY

ProofPilot is a SaaS platform used to design, launch, and participate in clinical research studies

Austin, TX

RazorMetrics is a next generation drug spend savings platform for employers and health plans

Denver, CO

Realvolve provides a comprehensive CRM and lead flow platform to residential real estate teams

Scranton, PA

Signallamp is a tech-enabled chronic care management services provider

Superior Home Health
Baton Rouge, LA

Superior Home Health is a multi-site home health and hospice services provider

Phoenix, AZ

Tallwave provides services, seed-stage capital, and access to people who can help grow businesses

Stamford, CT

Tapestry leverages telemedicine to deliver high quality medical care to skilled nursing facilities

San Mateo, CA

TreeRing creates personalized school yearbooks

Lake Mary, FL

TurningPoint supports health plans to improve the safety, quality and value of their members’ care

Winston-Salem, NC

Wellnecity is a business intelligence company for employer healthcare

Madison, WI

Wellstack is a healthcare data platform that facilitates value-based care

Analytical Wizards
Iselin, NJ

Analytical Wizards delivers critical insights to pharma companies via its data science & analytics platform

Anyone Home
Orange County, CA

Anyone Home is a contact center and a provider of lease management software solutions

Arizona College
Glendale, AZ

Arizona College offers a wide range of health and health-related programs

Phoenix, AZ

Ethology is a digital marketing agency (acquired)

Healthcare Data Solutions
Lincoln, NE

Healthcare Data Solutions is a nationally recognized provider of healthcare information (acquired)

Norwalk, CT

Healthmarkets is a provider of consumer driven health plans to the small business marketplace

Housecall Medical
Knoxville, TX

Housecall Medical is a provider of home nursing and hospice care in the southeastern U.S. (acquired)

Scottsdale, AZ

iCrossing is a leading Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agency

Southborough, MA

IkaSystems helps health plans of all sizes transform how they serve their customers (acquired)

New Orleans, LA

Lucid is a market research technology firm (acquired)

Medical Scribe Systems
El Segundo, CA

Medical Scribe Systems provides medical scribe programs to hospitals and physician groups (acquired)

Planet Payment
Long Beach, NY

Planet Payment is a provider of international payment processing and multi-currency processing services

Nashville, TN

Quovant provides legal spend management solutions (acquired)

Sloan's Lake
Denver, CO

Sloan’s Lake is a managed care provider (acquired)

Source Medical
Wallingford, CT

Source Medical is a provider of therapy software and ASC software solutions to outpatient facilities (acquired)

Montvale, NJ

SRSsoft provides hybrid electronic medical records (EMR) and document management technology (acquired)

Titanium Healthcare
Carmel, CA

Titanium operates a network of comprehensive outpatient high-risk centers in Southern California

Philadelphia, PA

Tridiuum is a digital behavioral health solution that identifies patients, enhances access to care, and improves outcomes

Washington, DC

Truist is a leading service and technology provider for online charitable giving, volunteerism, and funds distribution (acquired)

Franklin, TN

Valutec is a leading provider of stored value solutions for the small and mid-sized merchant marketplace

Oldsmar, FL

Apollidon specializes in worldwide marketing and outreach for online distance learning programs

Mindful Care
West Hempstead, NY

Mindful Care is a tech-enabled same-day psychiatric care provider in multiple states

Minneapolis, MN

Modus is a mobile sales enablement company

Walk-in Dermatology
Greenvale, NY

Walk-in Dermatology is a provider of same-day urgent dermatology care

Paxera Health
Newton, MA

PaxeraHealth is a global AI-based imaging platform and authoring tool

Cleveland, OH

AlensiaXR provides mixed-reality technology for medical education and clinical training

Gallus Detox
Denver, CO

Gallus Detox centers offers state of the art medical detox for drug and alcohol addiction in their upscale facilities.

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